Consumerism Mecca

One of the unexplained fallacies still prevalent today is that unbridled consumerism is most likely to be found in countries such as United States, China, Saudi Arabia, and such. Truth of the matter is that all these countries are only attempting to join the fray of consumerism. It is France, and Paris in particular, that is the world capital of unbridled consumerism.

Consumerism cannot exist without consumers. And if you visit the United States, or China, or any other up and coming country, you will quickly notice that these countries do not really have fully developed nation of consumers. People in America, China, etc., are largely uneducated, and so they lack taste and sophistication that is the sine qua non of basic consumerism. Without people knowing what they want, and without possessing certain finesse in discerning quality products from crap, it is not possible to create any recognizable form of a consumer culture.

But come to Paris, and all will be explained. In this city, a huge army of well versed, knowledgeable consumers vote with their wallets, while demanding the highest possible quality for their money. It is only in such economic climate that merkantile society can flourish and prosper.

One of the almost vulgar examples of how advanced and sophisticated consumerism is in Paris can be found in the Galeries Lafayette (one of Parisians oldest department stores). Where else but in Paris can you find a department store that looks like the most sophisticated opera house?


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