Grand Palais

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Paris is the grandest city in the world. And even in the grandest of cities, the grandiosity of the Grand Palais tends to overwhelm its visitors.

Built 112 years ago, this monumental edifice was officially inaugurated on May 1, 1900. It appears mind-numbingly impressive both from the outside, and once you get inside.

Here is the south-side entrance to the palace:

Across the street is situated Petit Palais (the Small Palace), which also looks very grand:

The east entrance to the Grand Palais makes you feel two feet tall:

Another view of the enormous columns:

Of course, such stupendous space gets put to good use by combining regular grandiose art projects with the enormous space inside the palace. The most recent monumental installation hosted in the palace was Daniel Buren’s Monumenta 2012. Here is how visitors would enter the show from the street:

Behold the other-worldly beauty inside the palace:

The round horizontal mirrors in the middle of the palace enhance the magic show of light and colors. Stepping on those mirrors gives you such an exhilarating sense of floating in an infinite space, not being sure which way is up and which way is down:

Inside the Grand Palais book store:


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