Drinking Water

People who come from Vancouver, Canada (such as me and my wife) are spoiled by the clean air and the cold, clear tap water that’s at their disposal at all times. The first thing we’ve noticed upon arriving in Paris was that the local tap water is, for all intents and purposes, undrinkable. It tastes oddly soapy, with a hint of very unsettling sweetness to it.

So we immediately headed to the nearest grocery store for some bottled water. But much to our chagrin, the bottled Evian water didn’t taste much different than the tap water!

OK, there’s no two ways about it, we must switch to drinking mineral water then. First we bought the familiar Perrier, however our next attempt resulted in a much better tasting (and for some reason, slightly cheaper) brand — Badoit. If you shop at the local Monoprix supermarket, you can get this mineral water for around 80 cents per litre.  That’s way better than the price we’re paying for Perrier in Canada, which is about $2.00 per 750 millilitres! Almost three times cheaper — not a bad deal.

Badoit — the best tasting mineral water in Paris


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  1. OMG, Badoit is one of THE reasons I visit Paris. You cannot get it in the US anywhere and it’s divine. Yes, I just called a mineral water divine, but it is totally true. I find the over-commeralized ” European mineral waters” available in the US basically the equivalent of fancy tap water with bubbles, like Perrier and Pelligrino. Oh, Badoit…I drank that stuff like it was going out of style when I was there in March. Sigh. 🙂

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