City Of Arts

Yes, make no mistake, Paris is the city of arts. Some of you may clamor how Paris used to be the city of arts, but not anymore — it’s the city of New York that took over and became the central hub for the arts.

Well, I disagree. I’ve spent some time in New York, and while walking around and enjoying the energy and the vibrancy of that magnificent city, not even once did I feel the urge to grab a sketchbook and make a few quick sketches. But the moment I set my foot in Paris, I kept feeling this constant urge, this constant inspiration to slow down and delve into sketching, into art.

Here then is a quick ‘documentary’ of one typical sketching session in Paris:

Started with a few quick lines after which I put it down in order to enjoy a cup of cafe creme.

Mmmm, that’s one good coffee!

OK, time to continue sketching

Wait a minute… Is that bird going to drop it on my sketchbook?

OK, now I feel like I’ve hit the stride!

Hurry up, hurry up!

Faster, faster!

A few more details…

Add the last finishing touches… and I’m done!

And here is the old church I was trying to sketch above.


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