Religion Of Music

One of the greatest temples of music

Paris is the city of love, meaning the city of music. But you don’t have to worry that enjoying music here will cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re intimidated by the ultra opulent look of the Opera Garnier pictured above, fear not — there’s plenty of accessible, and also completely free gorgeous music to be had in this city. For example, this very prestigious band (Les Presteej) serenades Monmartre tourists while selling their fantastic CD (yes, I HAD to buy it!)

Les Presteej: Parisian African music — gorgeous!

Serenaded by an accordion?

How would you like to be serenaded by an accordionist?

Also, I am blown away by the sheer number and quality of the music instrument stores in this city:

Paris Contrabasses


More Lutherie

Luthier (different than Lutherie?)

Another Luthier


And of course, “Music Is A Gift”

Lastly, more of that incredible temple of music — Opera Garnier:

Opera Garnier — roof

Hey, did you know that Paris produces the best quality honey in the entire France? How so? It’s thanks to the stringent bylaws and regulations where the city bans any pesticides and fertilizers to be used within the city limits. So the bee population is thriving in this city, not having to fear being poisoned by the nasty chemicals!

And the most unexpected discovery is that on the roof of this opulent Opera Garnier, they have bee hives that produce hundreds of kilograms of sweetest honey. Music AND honey? God, I love this city!

One last thing: in case you were wondering why is this city so well suited for enjoying outdoor music performances, the answer is simple — this has to be the quietest big city in the world. You never hear any airplanes or helicopters flying across the Parisian skies, nor are there any of those pesky coo-coo! coo-coo! pedestrian crossings sound signals that pollute North American cities. Add to that the fact that buses, trucks, vans and other large vehicles do not have the super annoying beep!-beep!-beep!-beep! sounds when backing up, and you got yourself a nice quiet network of city streets that are a joy to walk and listen to an occasional live performance.

Oh yeah, and the emergency vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances and police cars) have surprisingly quiet sirens which they use very judiciously (read: sparingly, as the need arises). Contrast that with the deafening blare of the emergency vehicles in North America, which causes one third of the population to suffer from tinnitus!

But the best part of all — Parisian people themselves are very quiet. They speak quietly and respectfully, they never yell nor raise their voices. Such a civilized place!


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