Third Side Of The Coin

Life in the Western hemisphere is situated between two extreme poles of human accomplishments. On one hand, we have tradition, the tried-and-true ways of living and dying, as were handed down to us by our ancestors. On the other hand, we have innovation, the breaking of the mold, the often unwanted and unpleasant abandoning of our well worn comfort zones. Both of these extremes tend to be tedious, and are quite a chore to observe.

And then there is the middle ground, the Golden Mean if you will, where life stops being a chore and becomes heavenly. That’s the life lived on the third side of the coin. I found that divine living in the city of Paris.

Don’t believe me that Paris is the city of gods, where tradition and innovation co-mingle and everyday tasks stop being chores and become enjoyable? Look at this picture and tell me that it is not a perfect image of the paradise rediscovered.

The magic of Paris


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  1. After visiting Paris I am obliged to confront my mind with a barefaced question “What happened to me?”. I am disconcerted and worried. But nothing could be more delightful than experiencing a plain and simple life in Paris.

    The city is old but wonderfully handsome and charming. Paris unapologetically prides on your intellect and toys with your logic.

    No so surprisingly it is a city you can converse with only through art, be it painting, literature or fashion. But I can assure you, Paris has no mercy on your nerves and heart.

    You are a lost soul now.

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